Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023!

Dec. 31, 2022 

Riverside, CA, USA

Vrndavana Prabhu and Bhakta Avatar Residence cum Ashram / ISKCON Inland Empire Preaching Centre.  

My six days in San Diego were blissful.  I received the opportunity to give several classes at our ISKCON temple, including a Sunday Feast Lecture on Christmas, some Srimad Bhagavatam Classes, and a Krishna Lounge interactive presentation.  The excellent hospitality of the devotees there melted my heart.  

After six days in San Diego, I arrived in Riverside.  It’s great to be with my old and dear friends Bhakta Avatar Prabhu, Vrndavana Prabhu, and their families.  Today, in celebration of New Year’s Eve, we ventured out into the downtown of Riverside and the Festival of Lights.  We enjoyed Harinam Sankirtan (chanting and dancing in the shopping pedestrian street).  The people that were out walking around enjoyed it too.

I wish all my friends a blissful and healthy Krishna conscious New Year.

Videos from ISKCON San Diego

A Comparison Between the Holy Bible and Vedas

The Devotees Are Always Protected From Yamaraja Because They Are Chanting the Holy Name of the Lord

The Yamaraja Tells the Yamadutas Who is to Be Brought Before Him

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New Year’s Eve Harinam Sankirtan in Riverside, California

ISKCON Juhu visit, July 2022

H.H Sri Krishna Chaitanya Swami visits ISKCON Juhu.

Sunday, 24 July, 2022: ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai India: I had the good fortune to join a group of Youth in ISKCON Juhu for kirtan in the beautiful “Heaven on Earth” project of ISKCON Juhu. I love the Youth audience as they are full of life and enthusiastic. They make me feel young again!

“Take The Opportunity”

“Take The Opportunity”

A Srimad Bhagavatam Class I recently gave in Sridham Pandharpur. Srimad Bhagavatam 11.2.30 describes how King Nimi was so eager to hear spiritual knowledge from the nine Yogendras, that he did not even bother asking them about their welfare. He immediately began to question them about the goal of human life. We learn from his example that we should not waste time, and rather, when we have the opportunity to hear from saintly persons, immediately put forth our queries as to how to make our lives successful. We should, as my dear friend Paramatma Prabhu says, “Take the opportunity”.